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Da Krazy Pimpz was nominated for album of the year 2014 for Nadie Nos Podra Borar, while the Los Garcia Brothers were nominated in their respective categories for their 2013 album La Cumbia. In addition to being nominated, they also made it to the final round of voting for the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in both categories, Conn Junto and Album of the Year.

Jessica Sanchez was also nominated but failed to make the top five, and Raul Rosalinda was a finalist for the 2014 Grammy for best rock album in both categories. There were no other groups that made it to the final round of voting in the Rock or Cumbia category.

The Kristallstadt High School band won six awards in a row from 1975 to 1980, and in 1974 received the same rating as the year before. Osacr G made it to the top five with the song "Eternamente" together with Adalberto Gallegos. Beginners "started out in high school as a small band, but made it to the Texas State Music Awards, where they received the" Read the Sight "award for best band in the state of Texas in 1975.

Mariachi Aguilas de Oro, quickly became a favorite of the community and was attractive to many aspiring band students. The tour was organized by the former band leader of Kristallstadt High School, Joe Raul. He was humbled and honored to be selected as a member of the Texas State Music Awards "Best Band" in 1974 and 1975 and as the best band in the state in 1975.

Sometimes we used a combination of traditional guitar, trumpet and vocals of the mariachi Aguilas de Oro band. Traditional guitars, trumpets and singers were used as replacements, which together offered an excellent performance.

One of the most memorable performances of our group took place on May 5, 1986 at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas. It was beg by the Mariachi Aguilas de Oro Band of the University of Texas at Austin and the Houston Symphony.

Raul received his B.A. in Music from Texas A.I. University in 1971 and his Master of Music from the University of Texas at Austin in 1972. He is a member of the Eagle Pass High School Band and has just completed his master's degree in music education at Rice University. His wife is the chairwoman of the St Joseph's Altar Society and he is the bandleader of Ingleside ISD. Her husband is a music lecturer at the College of Southern Texas, and they have two children, a son and daughter - daughter-in-law - and two grandchildren.

Soon after Raul helped hire the first band director for the Eagle Pass High School band program and together they began to change the mentality of the band students. It was a big challenge to do this with a student who taught in Corpus Christi, but soon after he was hired, the band program received two additional band directors when the former director of music education at Texas A.I. University, Alfredo Rodriguez, and the current director at Rice University were hired.

During the 1972-73 school year, the band received support from the music department of Eagle Pass High School and from Mr. Botello, a freshman band leader who worked tirelessly with him. In the summer of 1981, Raul was offered a position as director of music education at Texas A.I. University in Corpus Christi. That offer was accepted and he was offered his first full-time job at Rice University the following summer.

The community strongly supported his efforts and enabled the band students to have many unique - in - one - lifetime sightseeing experiences. In those years, the community became overwhelmingly supportive and acknowledged all the hard work and dedication he could put in during the process.

The Crystal City Jazz Band was invited to a two-week tour of the islands of Hawaii in the summer of 1990. Rehearsals for the jazz band took place at the school and required participants to meet for two days at a local hotel to rehearse and perform for a day. After arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii, Raul hired two large vans and after the performance, the group toured the island.

Raul remembers clearly that after the first rehearsal with his new band he was thinking about returning to his previous position at Crystal City and rethinking his decision to return. Although he was not aware of what his attitude was, it was a big challenge for the band.

Eagle Pass is a small town, and De La Garza says he has never seen a band like the one in Piedras Negras. He also asked us to remain calm and patient in the humanitarian situation and to serve the region.

The nearest commercial flight service is about 50 miles away, with American Airlines serving Del Rio, but not much else in the region.

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